Saturday, March 21, 2009

What has Your Therapist Been up to?

The Physiomoves team has been hard at work lately- both at the clinic and in their extracurricular endeavours. Here's a brief look at how our therapists continue to strive to provide the highest quality treatment to our clients:

Kristen has also been busy acquiring new hands-on treatment skills. She recently completed the Mulligan Upper Quadrant course and the Orthopaedic Division Level 2 Lower Course. Kristen has also been studying and training under the Acupuncture Foundation of Canada Institute. She has already achieved Level 1, 2A and 3A, and will have her full acupuncture certification by January 2010.

Barry, our Registered Massage Therapist, has been working with the Vancouver Fusion Hockey team, which just won the Midget Female AAA season banner. The team is currently at the Provincial Championships with the hopes of winning. Barry has also been increasing his knowledge of core exercises to provide to his clients through the Carl Petersen "Fit to Play" Core Strengthening DVDs.

Tyler, our Clinic Director, has been busy teaching the UBC Master of Physical Therapy students much of the Orthopaedic curriculum once again this year. He has been invited to present 2 sessions on "cycling injuries" at the Pedorthic Association of Canada Annual Symposium in Kelowna April 3-5. Tyler also recently spoke to a captive audience of runners at the White Rock Running Room, providing them with important tips on "Stretching for Runners".