Monday, May 16, 2011

a few kind words and an orange (ball)

Since the month of May is National Physiotherapy month, the wonderful team behind offered to do an article about clinic owner Tyler Dumont and Physiomoves. It's under the section "Get to Know..." ( ) and it's a great article about our fearless leader. What was even more wonderful than the article were the amazing comments that were submitted by a few individuals, including current clients and local reputable personal trainers. They took the time to write really positive messages about the entire team at Physiomoves, and it makes us feel very proud (and grateful for such amazing people to treat and work with in this community!)
Take a moment to read it if you get a chance (called "Get to know...Tyler from Physiomoves Physiotherapy Clinic"). And feel free to add your comments here or at the end of the article. It may even win you a prize! This month we are giving away a prize on behalf of the website, including an orange therapy ball, foam roller and a free massage from our RMT Barry Bereziak for anyone who leaves any comments on that fantastic website.