Sunday, April 24, 2011

Functional Movement Screen

A few weeks ago, Physiomoves therapists attended a 3 day course with the goal of advancing their knowledge and skills in the areas of assessment and injury prevention. Heather, Jody, Johnny and Tyler obtained both the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) Certification and the Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) Certification.

The FMS is an exciting tool that allows your therapist to observe you perform seven movement tests that are key to normal function. A score is then generated which identifies the areas a person needs to target (e.g. stability or mobility of a particular region of the body. The FMS is used to identify people who are at risk of injury during physical training. Your therapist can prescribe a corrective exercise program to address your mobility and/or stability deficits based on your results of the FMS screen. The FMS score also predicts an athlete's performance capability. This tool can be used prior to starting a training program or at the end of your rehabilitation program. The SFMA is a more advanced screening tool that can only be studied and used by healthcare practioners such as Physiotherapists. This particular assessment is similar to an indepth orthopaedic exam. The SFMA is very useful in determining what movement patterns need to be corrected and how to prescribe the most appropriate corrective exercises.

Physiomoves is excited to be able to offer these new services to patients, athletes and sports teams who are interested in optimizing performance and reducing the risk of injury.

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