Sunday, February 20, 2011

K-Taping now available at Physiomoves

Physiotherapists Kristen Pummell and Tyler Dumont recently completed an intensive weekend K-Taping Pro Course in Vancouver, BC. K-Tape is an elastic tape that is water resistant, breathable and can be worn up to 7 days. K-Tape has 2 effects: 1) it stimulates blood flow and lymph flow to aid in the healing process and 2) it stimulates skin receptors to reduce pain and help the body sense position and movement. K-Taping can be used in the treatment of a variety of conditions such as back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, ligament sprains and muscle strains (see for more information). K-Taping is now in stock at Physiomoves and can be offered to our clients.
Do you suffer from headaches? Physiotherapist Heather Johnstone is looking forward to an upcoming course that will give her advanced skills in treating cervicogenic headaches (headaches caused by neck posture/injury).