Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Rinkside at the Games

Here's a few photos to show our Physiomoves friends and clients what it's been like for clinic owner Tyler Dumont to volunteer his time as a member of Host Medical Team at Canada Hockey Place during the 2010 Olympics. You can't get much closer to the action than this, and Tyler reports the experience has been incredible. One more shift left on Saturday night to cover the Men's Bronze Medal game. We predict that Canada won't be there for that one- they'll be busy the next day during the Gold medal match. Go Canada Go!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Oh, what a month for Tyler Dumont!

Physiomoves Physiotherapy Clinic Director Tyler Dumont is having a February to remember!!! As you've seen from our website, he held the esteemed honour of being selected to represent the UBC Dept of Physical Therapy during the 2010 Olympic Torch Run on Feb. 10, 2010. It was an overwhelming, exhilarating experience, and Tyler was so grateful to see so many patients, students, colleagues, family and friends there to cheer him on.

On Feb. 12th Tyler was asked to come to local school Cambridge Elementary to participate in their Opening Ceremonies. He ran in with the Torch and happily answered questions from the excited students. Afterwards he attended his son's Kindergarten class to let the kids hold the torch.

Feb 13th marks Tyler's first shift on the Host Medical Team at Canada Hockey Place. For the next 2 weeks, Tyler will be rinkside as men and women from around the globe compete in Olympic hockey. When he's not at hockey, Tyler will be busy at the clinic treating clients with the rest of the fabulous Physiomoves team.

Be watching on TV starting Feb. 16th as Tyler makes his national television debut! He will be part of a commercial promoting Physiotherapy c/o the Canadian Physiotherapy Association. Tyler was asked to be a part of the commercial along with other Physiotherapy colleagues- can't wait to see it!

We're also anticipating the imminent arrival of a new Dumont. Tyler and his wife are expecting their 3rd child any time now. Stay tuned for that exciting news as well!