Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Physiomoves update

Happy Autumn! We love the Fall season- the smell of the crisp, cooler air, the many colours on the trees, and the busy-ness of back to school and activities.

This month, therapists from Physiomoves have provided on-field therapy to young soccer players in our community. We also hosted a "Principles of Bike Fit and Treatment of Cycling Injuries" workshop for Physiotherapists from around the Lower Mainland last weekend at our clinic. We warmly welcome our new main receptionist, Kelsey, who started fulltime as well.

We are accepting new clients of any age and condition. If you have an injury related to an auto accident, work, sports or aging- we would be happy to help you get back to moving your body better. Please give us a call, and Kelsey will set you up with a Physiotherapist and/or Massage Therapist who have the skills and expertise to treat your injured body part.